The Art of Black & White Exhibition – Brick Lane Gallery London

August 2020 – Mark Vawser

On the 18th – 24th of August The Brick Lane Gallery will host The Art of Black & White exhibition. The exhibition holds winners of the Gurushots competition of the same name. The top 40 photos where exhibited in print while other high ranking photos were digitally exhibited in the gallery. My entry, Kings Alley taken at Cambridge University near Kings College, was lucky enough to be chosen to be exhibited. As well as housing the B&W exhibition Brick Lane Gallery was also host to another Gurushots exhibition Solo: Single Subject, of which my picture The Robin was digitally exhibited. So here it is, my first, hopefully not my last, featured Exhibition!

The B&W Wall

The Exhibition was curated quite well. Three different walls all displaying three themes in B&W.

My picture of a Cambridge side street near kings college was displayed on an architecture wall next to some stunning shots of unique buildings and tube stations.

King’s Alley – Bottom Middle

King’s Alley (2020)

King’s Alley (Colour)

It was exciting to see my picture on the wall and I had to get a picture next to it.

I feel incredibly lucky that the exhibition was in London and that it went ahead at all.

Due to the pandemic social distancing measure were in place. Masks had to be worn, hands sanitiser used and visitors had to pre-book in time slots to see the exhibition.

The Robin (2020)

This photo of a robin hopping around my local park was taken just after lockdown was announced in march.

The only way I could leave the house was for exercise so I made sure to take my camera and walk to a new part of town each day.

In Lightroom I removed all blue and used the ‘dehaze’ slider to make the water turn black. This also had the effect of blurring the foreground further for a great depth of field.

The digital exhibition simply required a name search and there it was. The Solo: Single Subject exhibition had some amazing photos displayed and as always, animals in their photogenic glory dominated the exhibition.

Thank you to Gurushots and Brick Lane Gallery for the exhibition.

All photos are my own, taken on the 18th of August 2020.

The Brick Lane Gallery, London (2020)

Brick Lane is known for it’s street art and it’s markets. The Brick Lane Gallery is small but perfectly situated in one of the up and coming area’s of London.

It’s a hidden gem that wont stay hidden for long.

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