Lincoln, England

December 2019 – Mark Vawser

Built on an Iron Age settlement dating back to 1 BC Lincoln and was built up by the Saxons and the Danes to be one of the great trading cities of dark age Britain. After 1066 William the conquer ordered a castle built on the hill over the site of an old Roman garrison. Lincoln Cathedral built in the 12th century opposite the Norman Castle was the tallest building in the world for 200 years just overtopping the Great Pyramids of Giza. If all this historical pedigree wasn’t enough Lincoln castle has been a strategic stronghold during The Anarchy and to this day holds one of the four original Magna Carta, widely regarded as the first social contract for basic human rights in Europe. Anyway this history lesson is over, lets look at some castles!

Lincoln Castle (Dec 2019)

The Lincoln Castle wall walk gives the best view of the city, the only other highest point is from the Cathedral spire. The wall walk cost approx. 12 pounds.

I used a 55-200mm lens standing from the far side of the castle walls. Lining up the castles Observatory Tower with the Cathedral spires.

The view I think speaks for itself.

Observatory Tower

Lucy Tower Tree

Lincoln Cathedral

The Moon over Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral (Dec 2019)

Lincoln Cathedral is the most photographic subject in Lincolnshire. Day or Night it always looks incredible.

The issue with photographing the cathedral is it’s size, if your not on the castle walls its hard to get a good shot of it.

Luckily I went down a left-hand passageway that led to an open courtyard. This courtyard almost hidden gave me this shot.

Tip: Explore and you’ll find your best shot.

A Moment Alone

Cathedral Arch

Lincoln Lights

At Night

Victoria Row (Dec 2019)

In the 1800’s (I lied, the history lesson is never over) a lot of medieval castles fell into disrepair, others like Oxford Castle & Lincoln Castle were converted into Prisons.

Victoria Prison was build within the walls of Lincoln Castle next to the court house that was also sheltered there. The castle baily was large enough to house both and Christmas markets.

Prison’s are do not have the best architecture by design, but this one had some interesting surprises.

Victoria Prison

The Poor Soul

Steep Hill (Dec 2019)

Steep Hill is exactly that, a steep hill leading to Lincoln Castle and Cathedral.

With the Christmas Markets on it was packed with people struggling their way up the hill one shop at a time.

This picture of a hectic moment was selected to be digitally exhibited in Berlin, Germany for a Storytelling exhibition.

The Gulls

High St

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