Tower Bridge

(June 2020 – Mark Vawser)

Built between 1886 and 1894 Tower Bridge is a combinations bascule and suspension bridge next to the medieval fortress the Tower of London. If you have seen any Hollywood movie set in London you’ve probably seen this bridge, most likely as Spiderman or Sherlock Holms fight and defeat their mortal enemies on its upper levels. Often confused with London Bridge which everyone has heard of from songs, stories and medieval history, but there is a key difference between London Bridge and Tower Bridge…London Bridge was dismantled and shipped to Arizona when it needed replacing in 1967, so London bridge isn’t in London. Tower Bridge however is and it dominates the southern bank of London. Lets have a look.

The Girl with a Dolphin (June 2020)

On the bridges North Bank stands a sculpture called “The Girl with a Dolphin”. True to its name there is a girl and a dolphin.

I saw a picture of this sculpture with the bridge in the background a knew I needed to recreate it. You cant argue with the scenery.

The Gherkins Friends (2020)

Skyscrapers like The Gherkin are very visible on the London skyline. The Southern bank of Tower Bridge offers a good view of the buildings all in a row.

The Tower of London

The Shard & The Tower

Tower Clouds (2020)

The overcast English weather worked in my advantage. When the clouds are interesting it gives any subject the perfect background. Not that Tower Bridge needed the help.

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Hi, I am an Australian History Teacher & Photographer living in London.

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