Fenchurch Skyscrapers

(July 2020 – Mark Vawser)

The skyscrapers of London are iconic, both in their diversity and their design. From The Shard to The Gherkin they all have their own identity and character. Let’s look at some of London’s Skyscrapers.

Leadenhall Market (2020)

This series of photos were taken during Lockdown in London. Empty streets at midday on a Sunday was previously unheard of. However, it created perfect conditions for some architecture photography.

Leadenhall Market is a classic example of reducing the light just a little and the architecture does the rest. Plus I enhanced the orange just a little to make it more golden.

A quick little snap that turned into my favorite picture of the day.

Gracechurch Street

The Leadenhall Building

Gracechurch Street

Undershaft (2020)

Turn off from Gracechurch St onto a street called Undershaft. Honestly the name could not be more perfect, five steps in and your surrounded by skyscrapers from every side towering above you.

Taking photos of such large building can be difficult. If the lighting is bad you see nothing but reflection, if its good you see nothing but sky. either way, goodluck getting the whole building in.

I was using a 22mm Pancake lens and I still struggled to get the buildings in the shot.

The Gherkin

The Gherkin

The Scalpel

The Gherkin reflected in The Scalpel

The Fenchurch Building
Fenchurch Street

Lime Street (2020)

This was the photo where you see someone in the street taking little steps in the middle of a road to line it up perfectly.

The curving lower building of Lime street lead the eye to it’s much larger neighbors Willis Towers and The Scalpel.

The Shard

The Shard
Lloyds Building
Lloyds Building

The Leadenhall Building

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