Oxford, England

July 2020 – Mark Vawser

2020 in the UK is a strange time for photography, empty streets, isolation and no major events. However, by July the UK was just starting to emerge from a four month lockdown. Schools were still closed and I found myself in the lucky position of having no lessons to teach for four days, naturally I fled London and took a train to Oxford in my first sojourn out of isolation. Oxford is world known for it’s University, History and and interesting architecture. Despite nearly all the usual attractions being closed, the university, museums and galleries, Oxford streets were well worth walking.

The Radcliffe Camera (2020)

Colloquially known as “Rad Cam” the Radcliffe Camera is probably the most photographed building in Oxford.

Built in a neoclassical style in 1749 it’s iconic. It’s location inside a university square creates a challenge to get the whole building in the shot without an ultra wide lens. My 22mm prime lens struggled but it forced me to take more interesting angles I wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

Radcliff Camera

Radcliff Camera (B&W)

Tom Tower

Christ Church

St Helens Passage (2020)

On this trip I started to think more about simplifying composition. Straight Lines, curving shadows, rough textures.

Main St

Bridge of Sighs

Bath Place

Hollywell St

Hollywell St

Longwall St

Ashmolean Museum

Hythe Bridge St

Oxford Castle & Prison (2020)

Oxford Castle and Prison is a mish mash of Norman fort, city wall, victorian prison and now a hotel.

It’s a fantastic location, one that deserves it’s own article.

Coming Soon!

Fenchurch Skyscrapers

(July 2020 – Mark Vawser) The skyscrapers of London are iconic, both in their diversity and their design. From The Shard to The Gherkin they all have their own identity and character. Let’s look at some of London’s Skyscrapers. Leadenhall Market (2020) This series of photos were taken during Lockdown in London. Empty streets atContinue reading “Fenchurch Skyscrapers”

Tower Bridge

(June 2020 – Mark Vawser) Built between 1886 and 1894 Tower Bridge is a combinations bascule and suspension bridge next to the medieval fortress the Tower of London. If you have seen any Hollywood movie set in London you’ve probably seen this bridge, most likely as Spiderman or Sherlock Holms fight and defeat their mortalContinue reading “Tower Bridge”

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