Founded by the Romans Londinium has been occupied for over two millennia. It’s rich history, varied architecture, position on the river Thames, the diverse population and the terrible weather gives any photographer an interesting shot every time. From St Paul’s Cathedral to Westminster and the Tower of London, lets see what the heart of the old empire has to offer.

Fenchurch Skyscrapers

(July 2020 – Mark Vawser) The skyscrapers of London are iconic, both in their diversity and their design. From The Shard to The Gherkin they all have their own identity and character. Let’s look at some of London’s Skyscrapers. Leadenhall Market (2020) This series of photos were taken during Lockdown in London. Empty streets atContinue reading “Fenchurch Skyscrapers”

Tower Bridge

(June 2020 – Mark Vawser) Built between 1886 and 1894 Tower Bridge is a combinations bascule and suspension bridge next to the medieval fortress the Tower of London. If you have seen any Hollywood movie set in London you’ve probably seen this bridge, most likely as Spiderman or Sherlock Holms fight and defeat their mortalContinue reading “Tower Bridge”

London Zoo

July 2020 – Mark Vawser In July the UK slowly began to re-open from lockdown, museums got the go ahead to open and London Zoo quickly followed suit. desperate for a solid photography day I booked a ticket the week of it’s re-opening. The one way system that was in place was somewhat easy toContinue reading “London Zoo”

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